Letterbox Tuition makes Science revision easy

GCSE Science is difficult. 

Many students struggle with GCSE Science. It is something we at Letterbox Tuition have seen and heard for many years, from students of all ages and all abilities.

GCSE Science has double (or triple) the amount of content to learn than all other GCSE’s. Despite this, the recall of facts only makes up 40% of the overall qualification. A further 40% of the paper is the application of these facts to unfamiliar situations and the final 20% is given for analysis of previously unseen data.

Students are also required to be proficient in many areas of maths, including percentages, means, algebraic principles and much more. More than 24 formulas need to be memorised and students need know the methods, improvements and limitations of 24 core practical’s.

Given this huge undertaking, it is no wonder students struggle with Science and why many find revising is so daunting.

Letterbox tuition can help

Letterbox tuition takes the stress out of revision by making it easy. The planning and organisation is done for you and everything you need is delivered to your door. Each section is written clearly and concisely, focusing on the information you need for your exam. Simply complete the resources sent each month, chat to your online revision coach and watch your grades improve.



Each section of Letterbox tuition follows the same 5 stages of revision, designed for true understanding and retention of knowledge.

You will start from the very basics, learning new facts and correcting misconceptions. Once mastered you will move on to the next section, each a little harder than the last. Before you know it, you will be answering exam questions with confidence and accuracy like a pro.

Each section comes complete with fully worked answers and exam hints from GCSE examiners. These will show you what is expected for each question and knowing what is expected of you is half the battle.

As always, your online learning coach is available to answer any questions you may have.