What’s inside?

Each month you will receive:

      • A selection of concept booklets* containing clear and concise information sheets, comprehension questions, synthesis activities and exam questions.
      • A full answer booklet, detailing common mistakes, examiners tips from a GCSE examiner along with exemplary answers.
      • A set of flashcards containing key terminology, definitions and equations.
      • A new game or activity suggestion for using flashcards to help you learn the important definitions.
      • Core practical summary cards for the practical’s related to this month’s concepts.
      • A monthly calendar to help keep you on track to success.
      • Confidence tracker sheet to show you the progress you are making.
      • An online learning coach to support you through your revision.
      • A selection of stationary** and other goodies to help you along your way.


*The number of booklets will vary depending on the concepts being covered and the package chosen. Combined Science subscribers can expect 6-9 booklets per month, Separate Science subscribers should expect 9-12 booklets per month.
** Stationary and goodies are only available in the physical subscription