Separate Science Box 1 – October


October’s Separate Science box is now available as a one off purchase!

Ideal for those students who just need a little help in certain topics or those revising for end of topic exams.

This box is suitable for those studying GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics as separate GCSE’s. (Studying for GCSE combined Science? Check out our Combined Science boxes in the shop)



October’s box contains:

  • 9 Concept booklets to ensure full understanding and huge amount of exam style practise questions.
  • 9 Full answer guides with examiners hints and tips for each booklet
  • 3 Sets of flashcards – Biology 1, Chemistry 1 and Physics 1.
  • Confidence trackers for the 9 topics
  • Planning calendar to help keep you organised and on track
  • A selection of goodies and stationary

All delivered to your door!


Topics included are:

  1. Cell Structure and Function
  2. Enzyme Action
  3. Microscopy
  4. Atomic structure and Isotopes
  5. Ions and Ionic bonding
  6. Periodic table and atomic structure
  7. Vectors, Scalar and velocity
  8. Acceleration and terminal velocity
  9. Motion graphs

This is a physical product and will be shipped to your address in 2-5 working days