How much does Letterbox tuition cost?

The physical box, delivered to you costs £30 per month for Combined Science and £35 per month for the 3 separate Sciences.

Does Letterbox tuition cover my exam board?

Letterbox tuition is designed to cover all the main exam boards. Split into concepts rather than units or modules, Letterbox tuition covers all the scientific concepts needed for the GCSE, after all the science is the same throughout.

Who can benefit from letterbox tuition?

Anyone who is studying GCSE Science or want to learn more about science in general.

It is suitable for revision in year 11, supplementary learning for those in years 9 and 10 and as it is a complete package, it can also be used for home educated students and those not in traditional education.

When will I get my first box?

If you subscribe on or before the 23rd of the month, your first box will arrive in the first week of the month. (We aim to get it to you before the first).

If you subscribe on the 24th onward, you will have missed the deadline for the coming months box so will receive your first box the month after.

For example – If you subscribe on the 5th of September, you are before the deadline so will receive Octobers box as your first box. If you subscribe on the 26th of September, you will have missed the cut off date and therefore will receive Novembers box as your first box.

Missed the cut off? Can not wait to get started? Drop us a message and we will see what we can do to help.

How much is postage and packing?

Postage and packing is completely free for mainland UK.

If you are outside the UK please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How do I access the support of my online coach?

Once you have subscribed you will be sent an email with a link to the Facebook group along with more information. Once you have joined, feel free to post as many questions and queries as you have.

Although all our online coaches are DBS checked and qualified we cannot take responsibility for other members of the groups actions and therefore we will require a responsible adult to join the group as well as the student themselves.

I am not receiving emails from Letterbox Tuition. Why?

Unfortunately, some email providers are marking our emails as spam. please check your spam folder and add our address to your contacts to avoid this. If this does not work, please contact us and we will help you.

What do I do if my box does not arrive?

If by any unfortunate circumstances your box has not arrived by the 5th of the month, please contact us here and we will assist you.

What’s included each month?

Each month you will receive:

  • A selection of booklets* each covering a different key concept of the curriculum, containing clear and concise information sheets, comprehension questions, synthesis activities and exam questions.
  • A full answer booklet, detailing common mistakes, examiners tips from a GCSE examiner along with exemplary answers.
  • A set of printed flashcards containing key terminology, definitions and equations
  • A new game or activity suggestion for using flashcards to increase engagement and retention of information.
  • Core practical summary cards for the practical’s related to this month’s concepts.
  • A monthly calendar to keep the students on track.
  • Confidence tracker sheet to allow students to see their progress.
  • An online learning coach to support you through your revision.

*Combined Science will receive 6-9 booklets, Separate Science will receive 8-12 booklets per month.

Why should I use Letterbox tuition?

Letterbox tuition is a complete revision package for GCSE Science. It will build confidence and give students the skills and knowledge required to achieve the best grade possible.

Letterbox tuition gives flexible deadlines to ensure that all content is covered in time for the exams, organises students and builds excellent working and revision habits.

How is letterbox tuition different to private tuition?

Private tuition is not for everyone. It is not always affordable, convenient or accessible and there are often a shortage of experienced tutors for GCSE Science. Private tuition tends to be rigid in terms or times and places and support is limited to the face to face sessions. Some people are not comfortable seeing strangers in their homes or having them in their homes.

Letterbox Tuition addresses these concerns by providing the best parts of private tuition and adding the flexibility and freedom that comes with working at home.

You will receive excellent quality paper resources, practise questions, examiner quality mark schemes and printed flashcards along with you also get the expertise of an experience and qualified online coach to help you every step of the way.

How is Letterbox tuition different to just buying a revision guide?

Letterbox tuition is a complete revision package, it provides clear and uncluttered information sheets, comprehension questions, application tasks and exam questions. On top of this you get recap questions and pre-printed flashcards of the key terminology and formulas.

Challenge is built up slowly through each concept and you have the expertise of an experienced teacher and GCSE examiner to support you through the process should you need it.

Revision guides are just that, guides. They work for some students and are a valuable source of information however many students find them confusing and lacking in practise questions. The answers are generally vague with no explanation of why a student may have gone wrong. All of these issues are addressed and corrected by Letterbox Tuition.

Why does the number of booklets vary month by month?

Some concepts are longer than others and some require more explanation than others. In order to keep the average time taken to complete the month’s box the same, it is necessary to vary the number of booklets.

For combined Science you should expect to receive 6-8 topics per month, covering areas from all 3 science disciplines. For Separate science you should expect to receive 9-12 booklets per month covering areas from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

How long should each topic take to complete?

Each concept booklet has been designed to take around 60-90 minutes to complete plus additional time for the recap booklet and flashcard practise.

This is around 12 hours of revision for Combined Science and 18 hours for the 3 Separate Sciences per month.

Can I purchase the resources separately?

Yes – Some resources are available to purchase outside of the subscription. Please see the shop.

Do you do an online version only?

This is coming very soon so watch this space!

Is it possible to just order just 1 Science?

Letterbox Tuition aims to be as flexible as possible so if you require a single Science GCSE please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

Are other subjects available?

Currently the answer is no but there are a couple in the pipeline so watch this space!

Which package do I need?

The package you need depends on the course being studied.

Combined science means that the course is worth 2 GCSE’s and the student will sit 6 exams, covering areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Most students will sit the Combined award unless they have been expressly told otherwise.

Separate science is also known as triple science or GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each GCSE has 2 exams and 3 separate GCSE’s will be achieved.

If you are unsure of which package is the right one for you, drop us a message and we will be pleased to assist you.