Top 5 tips for starting year 11

The new school year has started and if you are in year 11, you may well have realised that this is your last year at school and that it is going to be a difficult one.

You will have mock exams, coursework deadlines, extra revision sessions, college applications, special assemblies, revision timetables and finally your final exams. It can be overwhelming and stressful so we at Letterbox Tuition have put together our top 5 tips to get you off to a flying start.

1. Your teachers are there to help you. Yes they may annoy you, nag you and generally tell you off but this is because they genuinely care about you doing you best. They are the experts in their subject so use them. Ask them to explain again that thing you don’t quite understand, see them after class and ask the questions you thought of walking home yesterday, ask them for the best way to revise for their subject. Teachers do the job they do because they want to help you succeed so let them help you.

2. Start your revision now. It’s a scary thought but there are only 245 days until the 2020 exam season starts. Take off the School holidays, inset days and weekends and you are only left with 130 school days in year 11. That may seem like a lot but it will fly by. We are not saying that you need to spend every waking moment revising but fitting in a few of hours a week now will really make the difference later.

3. Don’t just revise the easy stuff. We have all done it. Started our revision on the topic we find easy. It gives a sense of accomplishment and makes us feel good when we can do it. The problem is, it’s easy because we already know it and by spending time revising the stuff we already know, we are not learning anything new. A better way is to start each revision session on a topic find difficult or don’t enjoy and end on one that will make you feel good. That way you are learning new things and will feel pride that you have tackled the thing you find hardest.

4. Find time to do the things that make you happy. Whether it’s a dance class, martial arts, crafting or playing games with your friends, make time to relax and let off some steam. It’s a long year and too much too soon can lead to burn out and that is not good for anyone.

5. A problem shared is a problem halved. It’s true. Keeping your problems and anxieties yourself can cause them to build up and feel bigger than they really are. Find someone you can talk to, maybe your parents, a close relative, a head of year, your school nurse or even the dinner lady. They may be able to help you solve whatever is bothering you but even if they can’t, you will feel better just for saying them out loud.


Above all, your health is the most important thing, mental as well as physical, so look after yourself. Eat healthy food, exercise and get enough sleep.

We hope these tips help smooth you way into year 11 and we wish you all the best for the upcoming year.